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Creating Web Design since 2001

Mike Sharpe started creating websites in 2001. With nothing much more than a text editor, he started to learn how to make web pages from the inside out.

Over the years, he learned how to use Photoshop and add Polish to making those images shine. Experience over time with other software such as Video Editors, and that which produces website content has consistently enabled him to create quality websites.

Getting an early start with several social networks, and learning what to do and more importantly not what to do, allows Mike to provide a comprehensive customized Package, which includes Social Media, video editing with Youtube support and computer graphics and logos.




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Summary of Services

wEb site Design

With the 21st century about being online, having a web site to fit your needs will be essential.

Video Editing

With Youtube overtaking traditional Media and with the barrier to entry low as it ever was, getting a video for your site is more than easy. We can take your footage and give it the professional polish.

Image Editing

Making your images looking brilliant will sell your products/services more than blurb. "If you can't tell if an image has been photoshopped then the photoshop artist has done his work well."

Digital ARt

While editing Photo is viable, creating an image from scratch can be required.

Social Media

With Facebook and Twitter being some of the first places people will go for some services, you may want to present yourself there.


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